April 2011

Trip to Bonga

During our third week we left Bahir Dar with Sister Terfatu and made our way South to Bonga via Jimma, despite the horror stories the Sisters told to us of Jigger a small worm that lives in the red earth and burrows into your feet and the Bot fly that lays eggs in damp clothes only to hatch out burrow into your skin. We wanted to look at a couple of projects set in these towns to see if we could help in anyway. Sister Terfatu worked in Bonga eleven years ago so every time we turned a corner there was an old friend to greet her. The set up in Bonga is very similar to Bahir Dar with a Woman in Development programme and a small school. Their biggest requirement is water. They have a plan to build a well but with a costing of £16,000 it was too big a project for us.

In Jimma we had a very humbling experience visiting a Leprosy village. These people have been persecuted for years but with the correct drugs and their own village they are able to earn a living and provide for their families. All the children in the small school were Leprosy free and hopefully the next generation will be more accepted and able to integrate with people outside the village. 





For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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