April 2011

Updates on last year's stories

Last year and in previous newsletter we mentioned a lady called Sinlayehu. We have regularly supported Sinlayehu over the years and last year we took her daughter Bizeyehu to the clinic for eye treatment and got her into day care. Just before Xmas Sinlayehu died, she was HIV positive and died during childbirth both of which we were unaware, otherwise we could have supported her. Now our concern was Bizeyehu who was now living with her ageing grandparents, and we couldn’t wait to get back to Bahir Dar to see her.

Our first sighting of Bizeyehu was at the Day Care centre demonstrating all her mother’s strong qualities, taking no nonsense from any of the other children. Sister Terfatu explained that although she was coming to school every day she was not always on time or clean as her grandparents were struggling to care and look after her. We arranged a visit to see her at home and after meeting her grandparents we agreed to continue to sponsor her day care as well as provide clothes, funds for food and soap to help the grandparents look after her. They were much happier now knowing that they had support, as without them she would have no one. 


The family holding it together
The last two years we have reported on this family. Well they are going from strength to strength since we intervened with your donations Asksed, Silbert and Bitkan are all still at school and their father is still in work. Asksed has a sponsor and is improving at school despite missing a whole year when she had to look after her siblings. Silbert is doing well at day care and has really come out of her shell. Bitkan is going to state school but still comes to the day care every day to have a meal with his sisters. It was wonderful to see the smiles on their faces when they received new clothes and shoes as well.
Taje Tagela.
Taje and her four girls have featured in previous newsletters and they are a family that leaves a lasting impact on you. The two older girls Faglis and Truye are still in work and the two younger ones Enana and Beletu are still in school. Our main concern as with last year was Taje looking more gaunt than ever. We decided that her health was deteriating so a trip to clinic was arranged. Angie spent the best part of the day with Taje at the clinic where the diagnosis was Typhoid, Typhus and a gastric infection, added to this her blood pressure was dangerously low and she was immediately put on a glucose drip and given a vast quantity of pills. Total cost £12.00. Our visits over the next couple of days saw a slow improvement but we were still very concerned so we ensured that she continued with the half a litre of milk per day that we started funding last year and left a supply of rice, pasta and salt. We also left funding with Sister for further medical treatment and extra food if required.

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