June 2009

2009 Update

Whilst waiting for our flight at Heathrow, we looked at some of the CDs on sale. The artist Sea Sick Steve titled one that caught our eye ‘I started off with nothing and still have most of it left’. How apt we thought, this relating to the plight of the poor in Ethiopia that we would visit over the next three weeks.
So where to start. This year again we have some good news and some sad news. The world economic downturn has hit Ethiopia as hard as the rest of the world; inflation is at a rapid rate. The tin roofing for the housing is now 87 Bir (£5.60) per sheet. Three years ago this was 34 Bir (£2.19) with a better exchange rate. Grain has increased three fold so your funding has not gone as far as we would have hoped, but the people it did touch have a gift that will go some way in breaking the cycle of poverty. As a bench mark the average salary for a school teacher is £41.00 per month (exchange rate of 17.07 Birr).

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