June 2007

2007 Additional Update

This update is a bit ad hoc as Angela had the opportunity to travel to Bahir Dar for one week with Barclays to make a short film.

Angela was honoured by receiving an award for best individual UK fundraiser. As part of this they asked if they could make a short promotional film highlighting the work we do.

Although the trip was at short notice it was highly successful mainly focussing on the Porridge People and the housing project or to use it's official title 'Women in Development', allowing an insight into how life is progressing in Bahir Dar with your support.

Much of the filming was a cause of great amusement to the residents. It must appear so bizarre that strangers travel thousands of miles to film them.

Although time was limited due to the filming we could not miss the opportunity to get more of your donated items out to Bahir Dar. As with other trips the bags were heavily laden. The usual supply of football shirts, baby clothes, books, pens and sewing materials all made their way to Bahir Dar, the only difference being that Angela had to carry it all.

Angela took with her over £500 of your donations, this was spent on medical treatment for two ladies and more housing projects.

The medical treatment for two ladies was needed as one had a huge boil on her hip and the other a severe chest infection. We had noticed that Zerthun had a chest infection on our trip in January. Now in May this had still not improved. Zerthun's condition was diagnosed as TB. As always the ladies received expert treatment from the local clinic, a full examination, blood tests and medication totalling £10.50.

With your donations Zerthun continues to receive further treatment along with extra food and milk.

Angela and Sister Terfatu spent time looking at families that required new homes. Sister has a list that increases weekly. The old style houses continue to collapse and the need for new homes is ever more vital. The houses you funded in January are looking good and have ensured a better standard of living for the occupants.

As part of the award Barclays donate £1,500. The project also received a genourous amount from a senior manager at Barclays. This money has been sent to Sister Terfatu for more housing, we look forward to seeing these when we return.

Your generosity never fails to amaze us, your contributions are changing lives. We still need funding and the donations of clothes, books, sewing materials and not forgetting football shirts.

Due to the huge amount of items donated we had a boot sale and raised a further £130.

Thanks to you all!

"Asmasaggonallaw"… Thank you!

Angela and Mike


For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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