June 2012

Support updates and where your funding went this year......

As we mentioned some people needed a little helping hand this year with food and rent.
We gave additional help to two of the porridge ladies Alum Mulkan and Emeneshin. Both are working selling sugar cane in order to support their families. The rising cost of transportation to buy the sugar cane from town was not making it a viable option. We decided that a small monthly allowance of £4.00 per month would allow them to continue to work thus keeping them self-sufficient.
Another two ladies who are working for Sister Terfatu and are currently renting a house were struggling to keep up the monthly payments. Other years we may have had a house built for them but this year we decided to give them a monthly allowance of £5.50 per month for 6 months to help with the rising costs.
Sister Aylech has a project supporting the elderly. Each month she distributes grain and Tef to 25 elderly ladies. We felt that due to the rising costs it would be good to support this project, so we left £115.00 to help with the costs.
As with Ethun (see above) we gave £18.50 to a lady, Linglesh, who wanted to make and sell Injera, Sister Terfatu told us that again she made excellent Injera. The money would allow her to buy enough Tef to set up her own small business and make her self-sufficient. 
Six children will attend school in September
Forty-three children will attend the Day Care Center, receive tea and biscuits, lunch and an education
One student to attend teacher training course n September
Six students will attend University
We have supplied milk for three ladies for one year, two of the ladies are malnourished and one is suffering with TB
We have helped to pay rent for two ladies for six months
we bought seven sewing machines
paid an eye operation for one child
Attended hospital with three ladies and one baby – covered treatment and medicine
Paid for medicine for two ladies who have TB and diabetes
Replace one roof with a sturdy tin one
Paid for oil for the Day Care Centre and porridge club
Also sugar for the Day Care Center and porridge club
And grain (barley and chick pea) for the Day Care Centre and porridge club
Along with biscuits for the Day Care Centre
Bought two Pans for cooking Injera (so they can make and sell it)
Monthly support for two children - food
Lump sum support for the elderly to buy Tef
Monthly support for transport/work for two ladies
Lump sum support for one lady to buy Tef for making Injera and selling
Monthly support for one lady to buy Tef for making Injera and selling
Monthly support for one family - food
Electric connection for one family
Support for one man to lean to drive
Support one man to set up a shoeshine business
Also bought some shoes for the day care children

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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