June 2012

The Sewing Club

Sister Terfatu had eight boys wanting sewing machines this year, having completed their apprenticeship. We did hear a rumour that one of the boys we bought a machine for last year had sold it, he hasn’t, what he is doing is hiring it out when he is not using it – great, a real Alan Sugar attitude. Sister Terfatu took us to visit several of the people with their machines from last year all of them have plenty of work and making a living of their own. We decided to purchase seven machines as one of the boys is severely disabled and would struggle to move his machine on his own. However we did set this lad up with shoe shining materials. The rest of the lads we took into town to collect their machines, plenty of smiles as the boys would never be able to afford to purchase these, as the cost was now £160 each. Seven boys are now self-sufficient.


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