June 2012


Every year we make trips to the hospital and this year was no different. Having already made one trip with one of Sister’s helpers, Tibilus, as she had collapsed at the Day Care Centre we made an emergency trip to the new Gambi Teaching Hospital. It turns out that she had a severe water and kidney infection. A course of antibiotics soon put Tibilus back on her feet within a couple of days.
The new hospital was very impressive so on our second trip we took three patients at the same time, Lumnesh, one of the Sisters who had a skin infection on her cheek that was not clearing up and Tega whom we mentioned earlier, a lady we have helped on several occasions including hospital visits who is still very unwell with stomach issues and problems with her leg and hip. We also met up with Tezebe and Mentamir whose thirteen month old son had the worst skin infection on his face we have ever seen. His whole face was full of dry flaking skin and open sores (enough details). We first met this family the day before as in desperation they had come to see Sister Terfatu in the hope that she could do something. Tezebe explained that he had sold his mule to pay for previous treatment and as the money had run out and the condition was no better they were in desperate need. As we were already making a trip to the hospital we arranged to meet them there the next day.
That night it was hard not to think of the pain that poor child must have been in.
After a few hiccups along the way we made it to the hospital and met up with Tezebe and his family. At reception we signed in the three patients and then were told where to go. One to X-ray and two to the dermatologist, so not too bad but in different directions. To cut a long story short all were seen and the results were Lumnesh needs to go to see a specialist in Addis something she can do on her next trip. Tega has some very old fractures that are causing her pain and there is very little that can be done other than pain killers to relieve the discomfort, she also got some antibiotics for her stomach. As for Mullucan, he has an hereditary skin complaint that he should grow out of as he gets older, he was given some medication along with some soap (Johnsons) and we left some money for ongoing appointments. Whole costs of treatment including further visits for Mullucan about £13.50.  

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