June 2012


Palm Sunday

We always attend church on Sundays when staying with the sisters. Our first Sunday this year happened to be Palm Sunday, as Easter falls a week later in Ethiopia. The whole chapel was decorated with palms, we expected this, what we did not expect however was the ambitious waving of the 8 foot palms during the service. The waving of the palms was an event that no small child could resist; having sat still for an hour during the service the palm waving was both vigorous and frantic. Everything was in danger, pictures on the wall, the congregation even the priest, safety goggles was definitely the order of the day.

Sisters on bikes

The sisters are currently going through a keep fit regime; the exercise of choice is three laps around the school field on a bike, a sight that never fails to put a smile on your face. 

Light lunch

We all went out for lunch to a local hotel, The Tana, a rundown establishment but with beautiful views on the edge of Lake Tana. The menus tend to get lost in translation, on the menu this year was Roast Lamp.


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