May 2020

Days at the Market We do spend a whole day at the local markets buying grain and biscuits for the feeding programme in the Day Care centre and the Porridge Club. Sister this year wants to give all the Porridge Ladies extra food at Easter due to the rise in the cost so we purchased extra food to cover this as well. All purchases in Ethiopia take forever and when you are buying 1900 kilos of grain the bartering and the inspection of the produce appears endless, added to this the dust and the heat it is one very tiring grocery shop. The Daily Arrivals Every morning there is a small gathering of people at the Day Care Centre with a request for something. This can be for a new house, a repair, education, an income generating project or even medical treatment. It seems as we arrive the numbers increase. It is tough listening to their stories with Sister Terfatu and then having to make a decision but again we do not have the funds to meet all the requests. All appear genuine but some needs are greater than others. The only issue is that a “no” appears to be an invite to come back tomorrow and have another try but who can blame them when they are so very desperate. The cost of everything has rocketed and the shortages of basic needs such as water adds to the problem. Seeds and Chickens The Day Care Centre required more chickens this year this not only gives eggs everyday but any extra can be sold locally. The Sisters also have a fantastic garden which supplies food for the Centre and a source of income as they sell the produce locally. The need for more seeds to grow Cabbage, Tomatoes, Beetroot and Swiss Chard ensures a constant supply for the year. First Aid We always attend church on a Sunday morning as it has a nice communal atmosphere and a great chance to catch up with people. This year about 30 minutes into the service a young lady passed out. Mike being a trained first aider jumped up and as taught got the young lady to lay on the floor and looked for a chair to prop her legs up. However, the St John’s training went out the window when a couple of the clergy threw two large jugs of holy water at the young lady. She quickly recovered coughing and spluttering and glad to say made a full recovery. One Heart Foundation. We met Mena a couple of years ago and was introduced to a fantastic organisation The One Heart Foundation which cares for disabled children. At the time we asked Mena if she could help a young lad called Endalew which she agreed. Endalew we have since discovered suffers with Cerebral Palsy and is now 15 years old. Mena has been working with him for the last year and his progress has been remarkable. From laying on a bed in his home all his life he is now able to sit up and has a social awareness. Last year we agreed to fund a small extension on the side of the main building so more children can have physiotherapy

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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