May 2020

Not a year goes by where we do not spend at least one day in the hospital and this year was no different. A man named Simanaw was collecting his child from the school and we noticed he was limping, on showing us his leg he had a huge hole in his leg. We were told that it had been like this for several months since he caught his leg with an axe whilst chopping wood. We arranged a hospital visit the next morning with Mike. A short taxi ride to the hospital they arrived at registration. Shortly after Simanaw was taken for a temperature check, blood pressure and heart check. Then onto a doctor who looked at his leg and recommended an X-ray, an ultra scan and a blood test. The results of these confirmed no breaks and no nerve damage with good blood flow. Then asked to return in the afternoon to see a specialist for a biopsy Angela came along. (Not for the faint hearted) a needle was inserted into the open wound, up to this point Simanaw was very brave but this was a bridge too far him. The doctor was unable to get enough cells for a thorough test so he recommended a deeper insertion with a local anaesthetic. The fear was written all over Simanaw’s face and he said he wanted to leave. After a deep long conversation that included the possibility of him losing his foot he agreed. Simanaw entered into an emergency room and within a minute the nurse came out to ask if we could assist. Mike being the brave one decided to stay outside whilst Angela went in and held him down whilst the doctor took deep skin scrapings. Once complete Simanaw was laughing at the sight of Angela holding him down and was relaying to Mike the whole procedure, Mike was slowly turning green. The wound was dressed and Simanaw was told to attend a local clinic every other day for the dressing to be changed. The biopsy was sent to Addis Ababa which will take 2-3 weeks for the results. One of the Sisters will attend the hospital with Simanaw and hopefully with good news. The total cost of this was £68.00 an unimaginable amount for a man out of work with three children whose wife is only doing simple day work. Simanaw came back to the centre to show us that he had had his bandages changed and we left some money in case he requires further treatment or medication following his results.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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