May 2020

Housing - There is always a need for new houses and repairs but the costs rise every year and we have a juggling act to meet the requirements of the housing requests and still have enough money for everything else. We always consider not to supply housing each year but when we arrive there is always a need. One of these requests was from a disabled man with 5 members of his family living in one very dilapidated house, the walls were held together with plastic sheeting which also had holes in. We felt that the need was too great to pass over and agreed a rebuild. We also agreed to build a house for a lady called Kerkem. We built a house for her about 10 years ago but this is now in a poor state and with two children we agreed a rebuild. We visited several other housing requests from rebuilds to repairs. This is always a difficult choice because we know that when the rains come it will cause more damage but we do not have the funds to meet all the requests. As we left last year, we got a request for a new house from the elderly guard at the school, we left it with sister to have a look as she told us that it was in a poor state so we agreed to fund it. When we arrived, the guard was so keen to show us his new home, we popped round one evening with him and he showed us around his new home and introduced us to his young family. Also last year we visited an elderly couple who required a new house. We left the funds for the rebuild and was excited to visit them this year. Sadly, the elderly gentleman had passed away, but the new house was amazing, the lady’s daughter had moved in with her and the family had invested more money into the house and had built a truly wonderful house. The lady is now very frail but is very happy with her new home.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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