January 2007


Meet Sinlayehu, she lives with her mother brother and sister and has a young daughter of a year. Her dad died of AIDS and her mum has been responsible for raising the family. We went to visit Sinlayehu to view her new house that was being built.

TB & Leprosy room at the hospitalSinlayehu

When we arrived it was obvious that Sinlayehu was unwell and this was confirmed when she showed us the weeping glands under her left armpit. We said that we would pay for her to go to the local hospital but she wanted money to see the local doctor which we refused, we didn’t feel that the shaking of a few chicken bones would cure much. The next day we saw Sinlayehu again and by this time she was limping as the infection had travelled down her left side.

We said that we would take her to the hospital but she refused still wanting money for the local doctor. At this stage we were concerned not only for her well-being but that of her daughter and if anything should happen to her, her mother would be responsible for the girl. Time for cruel methods, we told her that if she did not attend the hospital we would stop the building of her house.

The next day we went to the hospital, not pleasant, but she received good treatment and was diagnosed with having TB. We paid for a course of drugs and because she needed a better diet arrange for her to have half a litre of milk for the next 3 months. The total cost of this was 204 Bir, about £12. Her house is now complete.

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