January 2007

'Blind Man'

With so many names to remember the blind man was only ever known as the 'blind man'. Ironically he worked building houses until one day a slither of rock he was breaking hit his eye. Left untreated a serious infection spread through both eyes resulting in total blindness. Unable to support his wife and child, his wife went to live with relatives, but he had to stay in his house otherwise someone would come and claim his land.

The old houseThe new house

The severe rains last year caused his house to leak and he was living on handouts from neighbours and the visits from his wife and child. While his new house was being built we went to visit him and he would always be sitting outside his ramshackle house almost motionless. We often wondered what he must have felt as he listened to the builders demolishing his old house and building his new one, a job he once did.

With the completion of his house, his wife and child returned. Sister is looking at ways his wife could generate an income…. We will let you know.

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