April 2015

As mentioned earlier we had great concerns over the future of the Day Care Centre.  Sister’s health has not been good and whilst she was having an eye operation in Paris the authorities decided that the Centre was too much like a school.  This was mainly because we  tended to take all children into the Centre despite their age.  Some of the children were as old as 10.  However after much thought Sister has agreed that the Centre will just take children from the age of 1-6 with the Porridge Club (see Porridge Club) taking children up to 1 year old.  Speaking with Sister we agreed that when the Day Care Centre was set up 11 years ago the intention was to take pre-school children but Sister’s ‘big heart’ would listen to all those that needed help and take in children of all ages.  Our program will ensure that once a child reaches 6 they will go to main stream school, hopefully into the Catholic School but some will inevitably go to the state school in town.  This will start from September 2015.

So as for the Day Care Centre itself it continues to be a place of learning and fun for 250 children employing 10 teachers, 2 cooks, 2 cleaners a secretary with Ethiopiahope sponsoring 44 children.  The children arrive at the 5 classrooms at 8.30 and stay until 4.00.  During this time they are taught Amharic, Maths and English via the Montessori Method.  They have tea and biscuits in the morning and afternoon, lunch at 12 o/c followed by a 30 minute sleep and loads of fun.


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