April 2019

Self Sufficiency

We do not hand out money unless as a last resort (see elderly gentleman), however we are always looking to set up people in a small business or sustainable employment.  This year we purchased two sewing machines for two people in the centre who had passed Sister Terfatu’s sewing programme. The Sewing Club provides the training and then we look to purchase sewing machines when the trainee’s graduate and this is a big draw for those wishing to improve their income. Also, we part purchased a more advanced sewing machine for a student who is studying textiles in college and will be graduating this year.

We also helped two young girls who wanted to start selling vegetables on the local market so we purchased two sets of scales as well as giving them a small amount of money to get started.  Also, we gave a small amount of money to a young girl for Teff so she could start making Injera (the local flatbread) to sell. Hopefully next year we will see

6 people who have become self-sufficient living a better life.

Driving Lessons

We had two requests for driving lessons this year.  We have noticed the massive increase in the number of vehicles on the road from when we first arrived 15 years ago when a car was a rear sight, now they are common.  The first request was from possibly the tallest man in Ethiopia, Gashow all 6ft 5in of him.  He has worked in or around the Centre for many years he did go to college but failed his exams.  He has a motor bike licence but a car licence would open up many more employment opportunities for him.  The lessons are about £230 and they learn to drive in a beaten up single decked bus.  We think the theory is if you can dive the bus you can drive anything.

The second request was from Abraham, he is currently working as a taxi driver renting a Baj Jaj (three-wheel taxi) and is always on hand offering his services to us. He also works installing TV dishes, Abraham explained that with a car licence the TV dish company would offer him a full-time job with a van travelling throughout the area.  Hopefully next year we will see him in full time work although we may have lost our taxi service.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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