May 2019


Due to rising costs we decided before our trip this year not to build or repair any houses as we wanted to work closer with the needs of the Day Care Centre and Porridge Club, however things do not always go to plan.  Sister Terfatu had already agreed a house or repairs for an elderly retired soldier (see a solider returns). Also, whilst we were out viewing last year’s houses and repairs to ensure all had been carried out, we came across an elderly couple whose house was in need of major repairs. We first thought that it could be repaired but on closer inspection we could see the wood had rotted and a complete rebuild was required. Money was left after we opened a bank account for the couple and construction is underway.  Also on inspection of some of the houses previously built one needed re-mudding which again we agreed, this will also allow the owner to rent out part of her home to generate an income.   Another was a new build for a family who were currently renting, they had land so we agreed to fund the build for this.

We were also able to supply 3 houses with electricity this is a major improvement to people’s lives as it allows children to study after dark as sunset occurs at about 6.30.

Mama’s Shintbet

Mama is always present at sisters tending to the flower and vegetable garden.  An elderly lady she has very green fingers and every day we eat the vegetables and admire her flowers and wonder how in such a hot climate she can achieve these wonders.  Mama has never asked us for anything but this year she asked if we could fund a Shintbet (toilet). Without going into too much detail she currently has to go in the woods but for an elderly lady this is becoming difficult.   A deep well will be dug in her garden, a toilet pan installed all covered by a small mud house with a tin roof for the total cost of £200 ...luxury!

A Soldier Returns

Since the boarder has opened with Eritrea many soldiers on both sides have returned home.  One soldier that we heard about was living in his sister’s home which was already overcrowded.  On visiting him we discovered that he was living at the back of his sister’s home in a very dilapidated shack, not exactly a hero’s welcome. He asked if we could help with 20 sheets of tin and nails to secure the shack and make it weather proof and give him some independence, a request we were happy to agree.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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