June 2009

The Porridge Club and Day Care Centre

No longer are the ladies coming just to eat porridge. Thanks to your donations and the hard work of Sister Terfatu many are learning like last year except this year they have a classroom to do it in. The ladies still come everyday taking a turn to prepare the Injera for the Day Care Centre, yes a Day Care Centre. Sister Terfatu has started the day care programme for children aged 2-5 years and this is allowing them a basic education before they move onto the state school. A dream fulfilled.
Not all these are porridge children; in order to generate income Sister is taking in some of the wealthier children and charges these a fee. To show how things have improved for the Porridge Ladies, some of them are also paying a fee to put their children in the centre whilst they go to work. The fees range from £5.50 - £8.50 per month. For this not only do they receive an education but tea and biscuits in the morning and for some, about 40, a nutritious lunch (with home grown vegetables). Sister also has had a shower installed and although she demands that the children come to the centre clean she will wash them if it is needed. The total number of children attending is between 60 and 80. The children receive excellent education from one full time teacher and three full time assistants as well as nutrition from two full time cooks all funded by your donations. Your donations have also provided all the kitchen equipment including a fridge and cooker as well as 60 desks, chairs and curtains for the classrooms.
We have seen a vast change in the ladies of the Porridge Club from last year, but there are still some that need more help and no doubt others will come along. But for many of these ladies their social status has improved, for some they have employment, their children are learning in an environment that is clean and safe and they are receiving a good meal every day.

Future funding will support more children in this programme.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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