April 2014

Where the funds went this year

House building, final number to be confirmed likely to be 3

Purchase of land and the building of one house

10 houses to receive electricity

Water pump

7 sewing machines

A secondhand bike

For the Porridge Club 1000 kilos of sugar and 125 litres of oil

For the Day Care Centre and Porridge Club (this should last for one year):-

 208 kilos of rice,121 kilos of lentil, 200 kilos of maize, 330 kilos of barley, 243 kilos of wheat, 105 kilos of chickpea,

 123 kilos of beans, 120 boxes of biscuits

Forty-eight children will attend the Day Care Centre, receive tea and biscuits, lunch and an education

17 children in main stream school including university, covering fees, books, transport, food and clothing

Funded the building of a well cover

Hospital/clinic treatment and medicine for 8 people

Eye operation for one lady


10 Blankets

6 Mattresses

Start up funds for sugar cane to help two ladies support themselves

Start up funds for Tef to help two ladies support themselves

Start up funds for one lady to sell fruit and vegetables locally to support herself

Also allow two young boys to set up as a hairdresser and shoe shine

Weekly milk for 5 families and the porridge club

Tef and Grain for the elderly

Supporting 7 families with food and or rent for the year

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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