April 2014

The Porridge Club

This group of ladies will always be very dear to our hearts.   Over the years they have come and gone and the numbers fluctuate.  Membership is simple, have a child under 2 and struggle daily to survive, not the best advert for a club membership but they keep coming.  This year we set up a register of the ladies and asked some simple questions in order to see who required the most help.  Not surprisingly they all required some assistance be it financially or medically.  As with other years we had a day of giving out new clothes that we had brought from England as well as giving each lady some bread, corn, bananas and sweets for the children.  This is always a big day for the ladies seeing their children in new clean clothes and yes as the name suggests the porridge is still flowing.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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