April 2013

Support updates and things we need

Many people needed extra help with food and rent this year, but the aim of the project is always on self sufficiency. Financial donations remain a priority. We continue to need clothes and welcome all donations, we will sort out and take to Ethiopia appropriate and required clothes. However we are now taking all surplus clothes to the many Clothes for Cash warehouses, here we can get 50 -60 pence per kilo, so all donations of clothes are welcome (from 2yrs to adults).
As well as clothes a few other items that we need: -
Football shirts are always welcome 
Laptops and mobile phones are a great help for the older students
Books – educational
DVDs both educational and for the young children
Sewing items – needles, tape measures and scissors

A few cost broken down

Housing is still around £250 House repair (re-mud) around £110
One child to attend day care is £50- £70 a year
One child to attend school is £75 - £100 a year
Milk for one person for one year £57 for half a litre a day
Cost of a chicken £3
Sewing machines are about £150

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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