February 2008

People Updates


Many people ask about Gashow, he has gone from strength to strength thanks to your help. He has plenty of work, is still attending school, has a sturdy home and his smile is even bigger. We met up with him several times during our visit and these were purely social visits, no extra help required. In three years his life has completely turned around, thanks to you.

The Blind Man.

In one of our previous newsletters we mentioned the blind man. Your donations built a new house for him, which did improve his situation. However every day he just sits outside his house. He was sitting in the same place we saw him a year ago. We want to find him something that will generate an income but struggle for ideas, any suggestions?


We mentioned Sinlayehu a couple of letters back. Your funding paid for some medical treatment for TB. We met up with her at a festival and what a change. Apart from looking well she was dressed well and in full time employment working as a labourer, carrying cement and bricks.


You will remember last year we took Tihun’s daughter, Manasebew, to the clinic for treatment but although appearing to make a slight recovery she died after we returned home. We knew that going back to see Tihun would be tough, but never realised how tough. The surprise of seeing us bought back many memories for Tihun and she broke down. Ethiopians do not hold back when it comes to showing emotion and the British stiff upper lip did not do too well either. The second and third visit were more joyous.

Self Sufficiency

Our aim is always to try and assist people to becoming self-sufficient. Many of the houses you funded now have lush gardens and the funding for wells has helped these people to become self sufficient with well-stocked fruit and vegetables.

It proves that with just a little help these people are able to make a go of things.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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