February 2008

Where Your Contributions Went

This year your generosity allowed us to take out funds amounting to £3,500. Allowing school fees for 6 students for one year as below.

Kulani Tassisa

She is studying to be a nurse in her first year of a three-year course. She is 19 years old, married with a three-year-old daughter. Her husband is looking after the child in the countryside. During college time she is living in Jimma. Funding covers:

  • 12 months fees £233
  • 12 months rent £33
  • 12 months food £133. Total £399.

Birhanu Dingata

She is 18 years old in her first of a three year nursing course. One of nine children living in the countryside. The college is in Dembi Dollo, three hours from her home - the rent covers her stay while at college.

  • 12 months fees £233
  • 12 months rent £20
  • 12 months food £133. Total £386.

Tamasgen Assaye

He is 18 years old in the first of a three-year course to be a Medical Lab Technician. Lives in Bahir Dar and is one of five children whose mother helps in looking after the Porridge People. Tamasgen also helps out with the development of the Porridge People when not at college.

  • 12 months fees £195.

Aweke Assaye

Tamasgen 15 year-old brother moved from state school to the Catholic School.

  • 12 months fees £75.

Gemechu Katebu

He is 20 years old in the second year of his nursing course. He lives in the countryside and requires

  • funding to cover food and rent totalling £166.

Yadie Asefa

An 18-year-old student studying nursing. She lives in the countryside with her family who are poor farmers. Funding is to cover school fees and food for a year totalling £367.00


Continuing to fund her in her final nursing year, she should graduate this year.

  • Fees £190.00
  • Total education fees £1,411.

Your contributions also funded:

  • Material for table clothes etc for income generation
  • Material for 44 dresses for the poor
  • Material for 15 school uniforms
  • 10 Abacuses
  • Embroidery thread, cottons and scissors
  • 16 football kits
  • Books and posters for the school
  • 10 Blankets
  • Charcoal for the poor for cooking
  • Pots and Pans
  • Bed and Mattresses
  • 13 pairs of shoes
  • Cooking oil for porridge club
  • Soap for porridge club
  • 89 kg Rice for Porridge Club
  • 4 months supply of Barley, Wheat, Oats, Beans, Corn and Chick Peas for the Porridge Club
  • Eggs for 1 year for the Porridge Club
  • Milk for one lady with TB for a year
  • 3 Chickens
  • Maize for livestock
  • Electricity supply connection
  • Medical supplies and treatment
  • Second hand wheelchair
  • £500 left for housing, house maintenance and sewing machines.


The importance of YOUR contributions

The contributions you made have made a huge difference, we only wished we could have brought some of the smiles home with us but you can see some of them here.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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