February 2008

New Stories 

There are many new stories as with every trip but these are just a few.


28-year-old Tewodros came to Bahir Dar from the country 12 years ago in the hope to find work. Most of these years he spent begging until Sister Tefartu found him and offered him a sewing course and a place to live. During his sewing apprenticeship he created a new record making 130 new school uniforms for the poor in two months and becoming one of Sister’s best pupils.

Since completing his apprenticeship you’re funding has purchased a sewing machine for him and now he is earning 2000 Bir (£110) a month and renting a work place at 50 Bir a month.


A group of local boys with the help of two schoolteachers have set up a football team. The lads are a mixed bunch all over 16 but the one thing they share is the passion for the game and the two things they lacked were a decent ball and a kit. They play in a league against local teams such as the coffee company and the army.

They are basically known as the ‘poor boys’ and because they turn up at games with a mixture of tops are the brunt of many jokes. The ball was easier as we take several balls out with us from your funding so this was supplied. The kit we thought long and hard about. Of the many donated tops we took out we did not have enough of the same colour let alone the same team.

In the market you are able to purchase very good quality fake replica kits but we needed 16 for all the squad. A trip to the market and after much haggling disclosed that for £50.00, 16 Man Utd and 16 very happy lads were possible.

The next game in 43C of heat the lads battled well despite losing 1-0.

The Catholic Football Club, CFC, is now talked about in football terms and not what they are wearing. Results since have been a mixture of wins and losses, but they are looking good.

Yeyesh Abaye

Yeyesh, a porridge lady very much in need but too proud to ask. Her husband left her last year, with two boys and a girl all under 12 and a house falling down around her, things were tough. Your funding turned her life around in two weeks. A new house was built and because of a local electricity supply she could be connected. Funding allowed new beds and mattresses as the children were sleeping on the floor, new blankets and pots and pans. Result one very happy lady.


On visiting the many houses we always admired the fantastic grass baskets. To cut a long story short many of the porridge ladies are now creating a cottage industry making these for us to sell here in the UK and hopefully to unsuspecting tourists in Bahir Dar. We bought about 50 home, so just ask.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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