June 2018


In previous years we have stopped funding the building of houses due to the costs. But sister had a list of 7 people requiring a house, repairs or electricity. This list soon increased as we started walking around the countryside looking at homes. The plan this year was to ask the people to get an estimate for the costs, we would gather some background information about them and then decide what houses, improvements or electricity we could stretch the funds to. After much debate and some heartache, we supplied funds for a mix of rebuilds, new houses and electricity supply for 20 in total. The overall costs for much of this work has increased dramatically from when we first started this project 14 years ago when a new house cost £150, now a new house is about £650. One of the biggest projects this year was the conversion of a cow shed. 4 families are living in an old cow shed, the size of the building is amazing, it is the normal basic mud and wood design but one of the biggest mud constructions we have seen. The building belongs to one of the ladies who is now living there, she had 40 cows in the shed. She had to travel away due to a death in the family and paid someone to look after her cows, unfortunately the person run off with the money and left the cows to fend for themselves, on her return all the cows were dead. The milk and meat from the cows was her only income so she had to sell her house to raise money and went to live in the cow shed and invited 3 other families to share it with her. We paid for partitioning in the shed in order to separate the 4 families and organised some re-mudding on the outside.

Housing Summary: Repairs or rebuild to 18 houses, 2 new houses for people with land and electric for 4 families. Due to the rising costs and the high demand for housing and repairs this is likely to be the last year we fund these projects.

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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