May 2018

What we achieved and bought this year:

20 houses, rebuild and new build. 4 houses to receive electricity.

2 sewing machines.

Grain and Macaroni for porridge club.

40 boxes of biscuits.

32 children sponsored at the Day Care Centre and 32 children in main stream school.

Financial support for 5 children and 2 families.

Visit to the dentist.

Training course in hairdressing.

Blanket, toys for Day Care centre.

Weekly milk for 2 families and the porridge club for a year.

Support and things we need: 

Financial donations remain a priority as we continue to support children in day care, purchase sewing machines and supply medical needs and when required housing. Clothes also remain a need as each year we try to take as many items of clothes as possible to help the very poor. We are grateful for the donations of clothes that we have taken to the Clothes for Cash outlets this has been a real boost to the funds. Football shirts children’s and small men’s, any team. Children’s clothes, age 3‐16yrs. Books, educational type Encyclopaedias, Atlas. Sewing items needles, tapes, scissors.

Some of the Costings:

To sponsor a child in Day Care for a year £75

To sponsor a child in school for a year is £100-£130

A sewing machine £250

Rebuild/Build a house £300-£650

Chickens £5

For further information on the Bahir Dar Projects and how you can help please email Angela and Mike on khyber.king@btinternet.com

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