June 2016

Due to the focus on the Electricity Project in Dembi Dolo we decided that we would not have the resources to build any houses this year.  To date we have had built over 150 and they are a great means of support but they are also becoming more expensive with more paper work to complete.  We did however leave funds last year for a house to be built; we are always concerned when leaving funds and not being able to ensure that the money is spent on what it was intended for.  Not for one minute do we believe that the money would be squandered but when given a windfall when food and provisions are scarce it would be easy to divert the money elsewhere. As we were out walking in that area we decided to call upon the lady and hopefully a new house. Reluctantly as we turned a corner we saw the lady sitting preparing grain and behind her a new house.  She looked up did a double take and ran towards us with a huge welcome inviting us in to her new house. She demanded that we had some tea with her and although the language barrier hindered a flowing conversation the smile on her face said it all.

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