The Daughters of Charity

The Daughters of Charity came to Addis Ababa in 1927, where they opened St. Mary's Commercial School. There are now 61 Ethiopian sisters of this Order and 10 Sisters from abroad. Their work falls under three main categories: health, education and social work. They run five primary health care clinics and outreach stations and a specialized eye clinic.
They provide education facilities ranging from crèches and kindergartens through primary and secondary schools to a third level Montessori Teacher Training Institute. Social work in all areas includes such activities as women s development and working with street children, prisoners, the elderly, disabled, leprosy patients and young people.

The Daughters of Charity, founded in Paris by Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac in the 17th Century, work in seven regions in Ethiopia: in North Tigray, in Wellega (Oromia Region), in Jimma and Bonga (Kaffe Zone), in Wolayta and in Addis Ababa (Region XIV). Since December 1998 the Daughters of Charity Sisters have been working in the Bahir Dar Special Zone.
They took over a school, a clinic and the Women in Development Centre from the Daughters of Charity of the Eritrean Province when they had to leave Ethiopia. The clinic was closed, but the school has advanced to include teaching from Zero grade (Kindergarten) until 10th grade. The Women in Development Training Centre had continued with its sewing, embroidery, and home economic training. Income generating and agricultural activities with the poorest women of the area were started, typing classes have begun and there are plans for a basic computer skills training.




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