The Orphanage

Out of a population of 70 million there are an estimated 4 million orphans in Ethiopia. The orphanage receives children at any time day and night.
The history of the children is often unknown which in some ways is better for us because when we do know the history it is sometimes beyond belief, one a 3-month-old baby found on a rubbish dump. 
The outcome for the children is good they will eventually be taken to another orphanage in Addis Ababa and from there either found foster parents or adopted abroad. The children from one of our visits all went to Spain. Detailed records are kept with 450 children in two years passing through the orphanage in Bahir Dar.
In 2010 the orphanage moved to bigger premises just outside of town.  Even though we no longer actively support the orphanage in Bahir Dar we still visit when we can, as it's still wonderful to see that the children still have a future ahead of them with the support of a French organisation that runs the orphanage. 








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